Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How to order

Here’s the conveniently order your sweetie’s bows, all you have to do is choose a color, size, and style and we will make to order just for you! Of course, if you ever see something on the blog that you like, let us know and we can do that too!

Colors: We have most solid colors available! Just let us know what you’re in to and if we don’t have it, we’ll get it!

Style: If you don't want to go plain and simple, we have four styles available. Stripes, polka dots, funky florals, and animal print. If you are doing a stacked bow, we will include both the solid color you order and a coordinating print. Note- animal print only comes in neutral colors. (Pictures coming soon to show examples of print styles.)

Minis App. 2-3 inches

Medium One ribbon 3-4 inches

Medium Stacked Two ribbons 3-4 inches

Large Stacked Three or more ribbons 4 + inches

EXAMPLE ORDER: Brown funky floral medium SET of bows

Please email us if you have any questions. We accept Paypal!


  1. you guys are too freakin' cute! I love that you guys are doing this!! :) Good luck!

  2. So here's a question for you. My girls don't have much hair. Tayela's is finally growing long enough that those aligator clips stay. But my new little one has just short spikey baby hair. So do you make headbands too, or are they just clips? Oh by the way I love all the bows they are totally cute!


Price list for our products


Mini Bow $2.50 *Set of 2- $4.00

Medium Bow
(Single Ribbon) $3.50 *Set of 2- $6.00

Med. Stacked Bow
(Two Ribbons) $4.50 *Set of 2- $8.00

Large Stacked Bow
(Three or More
Ribbons) $5.50 *Set of 2- $10.00

Stretch Headbands w/ Detachable Loop $3.00

Headband + Medium Bow $6.00

Headband + Med. Stacked Bow $7.00

Headband + Lg. Stacked Bow $8.00

Headband + Lg. Flower $7.00

Stretch Headband + Loopy Flower $8.00

Firm Headband + Bow or Loopy Flower $8.00

Ava n’ Ady Starter Set: $20.00

3 Headbands (crème, black, white) + 3 Medium Stacked Bows –OR-
3 Headbands (crème, black, white) + 4 Medium Solid Bows

Crochet Beanie + 1 Flower or Bow: $12.00
Crochet Beanie + 1 Flower and 1 Bow (or 2 Bows): $15.00 928-587-2772 -or- 602-400-6287
Custom Orders Available Upon Request!!