Monday, February 9, 2009

Sample products and prices

Crochet Beanie with flower or bow ($12- or $15 with 2 detachable items)

Large stacked bow on stretch headband ($8), Set of mini bows ($4)
Large stacked bow ($5.50 or 2 for $10)

Set of 2 medium stacked (left-$8), large stacked bow with stretch headband (right-$8)

Stretch headband with loopy flower ($8)

Stretch headband with flower ($7)

Firm headband with medium bow (left- $8) and stretch headband with loopy flower (right-$8)

Set of 2 Medium ($6)

Set of 2 Medium Stacked ($8)

Whatever you imagine would be cute on your daughter's head, we can make it! And these are not only for babies, the firm headbands look WAY cute on older girls (pictures to come)! Send us an email and let us know what we can make for you.
*See price list at the bottom of page for more options.


  1. Where can I order two cute little girls like this?

  2. Seriously...the crocheted beanie is the cutest thing ever (except for the kids!)

  3. Natalie,

    Your bows are adorable and I love the hats!
    How exciting! I love it all!
    I will put you on my craft blog! You Inspire Me!


Price list for our products


Mini Bow $2.50 *Set of 2- $4.00

Medium Bow
(Single Ribbon) $3.50 *Set of 2- $6.00

Med. Stacked Bow
(Two Ribbons) $4.50 *Set of 2- $8.00

Large Stacked Bow
(Three or More
Ribbons) $5.50 *Set of 2- $10.00

Stretch Headbands w/ Detachable Loop $3.00

Headband + Medium Bow $6.00

Headband + Med. Stacked Bow $7.00

Headband + Lg. Stacked Bow $8.00

Headband + Lg. Flower $7.00

Stretch Headband + Loopy Flower $8.00

Firm Headband + Bow or Loopy Flower $8.00

Ava n’ Ady Starter Set: $20.00

3 Headbands (crème, black, white) + 3 Medium Stacked Bows –OR-
3 Headbands (crème, black, white) + 4 Medium Solid Bows

Crochet Beanie + 1 Flower or Bow: $12.00
Crochet Beanie + 1 Flower and 1 Bow (or 2 Bows): $15.00 928-587-2772 -or- 602-400-6287
Custom Orders Available Upon Request!!